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Reflections of my life

November 24th, 2008 7 comments

Last weekend I was strolling around Cape Town’s Waterfront ““ a brilliant place despite being aggressively touristy around which all kinds of normal harbour functions are taking place ““ when I passed a structure I have walked by many, many times over the years: a garage type of thing in which is parked a quick response boat run by the National Sea Rescue Institute (although I have lived by the sea for all but three years of my life, I am rather clueless in matters of maritime jargon). This time, the boat garage ““ which is probably not its correct appelation ““ looked different: the sun shone just so as to create a mirror effect against this ordinarily unremarkable structure I had not seen before. I had my camera with me, and it is that this point that my boring story of a leisurely Saturday walk assumes some kind of relevance.

Suddenly, somebody in Ohio whom I’ve never met and have exchanged perhaps a couple of dozen of comments with came to mind. As I looked at the structure, I thought: “Oh, Dane from the All Eyes And Ears blog would definitely take a picture of that.” The geometry of the structure and the effect of the reflection of a boat and a building on the glass through which one can see the sea rescue speedboat seemed to me just the kind of thing one might find on Dane’s blog, if Ohio was at the seaside. So, inspired by Dane I took the picture below, which I think is pretty good. Of course I could never claim to have as astute an eye for detail as Dane has, though I have taken some photos I am rather proud of. Perhaps I’ll post some of them at some point. I think it is quite remarkable, however, that a blogger in far away Ohio should have spontaneously entered my mind during an afternoon walk, and inspired me to take a particular photo.

And, in keeping with Dane’s concept of posting a song to illustrate an illustration:

Procol Harum – A Salty Dog

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