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Frothy court jester

October 31st, 2008 9 comments

If I sounded a little disheartened by my post (EDIT: Now deleted, ha dee fucking ha. EDIT2: And now reposted) about the post deletions on this blog and others, the comment by Mephisto from Totally Fuzzy was greatly encouraging. Mephisto and the people of Totally Fuzzy have seen it all before. I recall a series of deletions being subject to big debate on Fuzzy”s previous incarnation a coupler of years ago. For the benefit of those who haven”t read Mephisto”s comment, here”s an excerpt:

The idea that this would be done by some record company or label or whatever industry branch doesn’t make much sense to me to be honest. I know hundreds of blogs that post a dozen of freshly leaked albums on any given day, and they never seem to have to go through this. There are blogs out there that are genuine Free Record Stores, posting brand new releases every day again and again and they get away with it. If there would be any interest from the industry, those are the ones they’d be going after. It can’t be that they’re too dumb to just use google to search for the latest AC/DC album for example. I’m pretty sure that their visitor numbers are a lot higher than your blog too, so they should be the ones attracting the attention.

Given the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind any of this, I still think it is some lone cowboy, having what he understands as fun at other people’s expense. And it seems that it are especially the dedicated bloggers that get hit.

Another thing that really is very interesting is that I never see any foreign language blog get hit. Through the years that has consistently been the case. Whoever is doing this is English speaking and he probably gets off reading this kind of comments.

[…] should this blog be deleted, just start another one. We will promote it on totally fuzzy and most people will find it again. In the end we will always win, because we have way more patience and dedication than the freewheeling assholes.

I am persuaded that we”re dealing here with a court jester living a sadly empty life who no longer gets his kicks (yes, I”m sure it”s a male) from porn sites depicting women with heads shoved down a toilet. My post yesterday might have had our detractor wanking himself into a froth. The expression of his sexual disfunction is perhaps best confined to playing power games with the blogging community, because the alternatives to that are ghastly. People who get off on the exercise of coercive power are liable to also be rapists. The deletion of some posts (which, if one has backed up, can easily be reinstated) is a small price to pay for the safety of women and, perhaps, even children.

Of course I would prefer it if the frothy court jester would just piss off, as I”m sure he will when he realises that the blogging community will not be intimidated. Perhaps he will up the ante and force feckless Blogger (who just couldn”t be bothered to distinguish between authentic and frivolous complaints) to close down those blogs who”ll not be discouraged by his antics. Should that come to pass, I”ll simply start a new blog, with all my previous posts ““ or at least those preserving ““ intact. I have tussled with much more powerful people than the frothy court jester in my time. What delusion to think that he is anything more than a nuisance.

No music for this post, so there”s nothing for Blogger to delete but the whole account.

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