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Intros Quiz: 1972 edition

March 19th, 2012 3 comments

It was a relief for 1972 people to get past those embarrassing 1960s fashions and wear sensible yet stylish clothing.


We continue our five-yearly cycle of intros quizzes, arriving at 4o years ago: 1972 (the year I started primary school). Next we”ll skip to 1977.

1972 was the year 11 Israelis were murdered by terrorists at the Munich Olympics and 14 unarmed Catholic protesters were gunned down by British police in Northern Ireland on “Bloody Sunday”, the last US troops left Vietnam, Idi Amin expelled 50,000 people of Indian extraction from Uganda, Cameroon gains independence, astronauts Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan become the last people to walk on the moon, and Atari released the Pong video game.

As always, twenty intros to hit songs from that year of 5-7 seconds in length. All were single releases and/or hits that year. The answers will be posted in the comments section by Thursday. If the pesky number 19 bugs you, go to the Contact Me tab above for the answers, or  better, message me on Facebook. If you”re not my FB friend, click here.

And for a bit of 1972 nostalgia, the Stepping Back instalment for that year might do the trick.

Intros Quiz – 1972 Edition


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