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In Memoriam Vol. 4

January 3rd, 2010 6 comments

Inevitably, I missed a few dead musicians in the In Memoriam series. I picked up three as I perused the AM, Then FM blog.  In my defence, two of those were actors who occasionally sang, but I had thought of both while driving, and then forgot to include them. But how I could forget Sam Butera when I trumpeted his death on my regular message board? And then I came across a few more. As I have stressed, I make no claims of having compiled a complete list of music’s departed in 2009.

So will you please add the following to your In Memoriam folder:

Sam Butera,81,  influential tenor saxophonist and arranger with Louis Prima’s backing band The Witnesses, on June 3.
Sam Butera & the Witnesses – Bim Bam.mp3

Ricardo Montalban, 88, actor who appeared in several musicals, on January 14. Read more…