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Any Major Decade: Best of Saved!

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Over the past years it has become a tradition to for me to post a mix of songs about the Christian faith in the week before Easter. Predictably, they tend to be the least popular of mixes, by number of downloads (those who DL them tend to give great feedback).

I don’t now know whether it is because the subject matter is of no interest to some people, or because readers think I’m going all-born Christian Rock on their sorry asses. If it’s a case of the former: it’s about the music, not about conversion! Some of the best music has been about religious faith, from Bach to Mary Lou Williams to the Carter Family. And if it’s a case of the latter, you might not have followed this blog carefully. The music on the SAVED! mixes is great.

Unlike a lot of Christian Rock, what we get when artists in popular music address religious themes is absolute authenticity. That is true for the gospel singers of the 1940s and 1950s, who were as sure influential on the rise of rock & roll, as a musical form, as was R&B and country. Take Sister Rosetta Tharpe or Brother Joe May out of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard, and you remove an essential ingredient in their music.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Take away gospel, and rock & roll is a different thing.


The same goes for soul. The soul singers who modelled themselves after Sam Cooke drew their inspiration not from the crossover crooning in the mould of Twisting The Night Away of You Send Me. They modelled themselves on Gospel Sam. And perhaps the terminology of gospel needs to be redefined, if by that term most people think of massed choirs in flowing robes.

We have no flowing robes here, though there is a place for that too. We have soul singers, though. There was a time when soul singers recorded songs about their faith as a matter of course. They did so, the sequencing of these songs on the LPs suggests, not as a calculated nod to the folks who like that kind of thing, but because it was naturally part of their lives.

Then you get the surprise performances. Nick Cave has sung a few songs of religious content; The Mercy Seat, so incredibly covered by Johnny Cash, is one such song. Here we have Cave singing almost hymn-like about Jesus Christ in a most unexpected way. Cave is not a religious man of the traditional sort, unlike Alison Krauss, who has the voice of an angel (in as far as I am competent to make such comparisons, given my absence of exposure to choirs of cloud-sitting, winged angels). Oh, but when she sings A Living Prayer, even the most hardened atheist must get an idea of what it must be like to be in the presence of God. The same goes for the wonderful Mindy Smith.


Angels, plotting their next massacre.


Talking of angels, in the 1942 Nazi propaganda film Die große Liebe (The Great Love), the big Swedish star Zarah Leander had a showstopper song called Ich weiß es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh’n (I know one day there will be a miracle), the video of which is HERE. The big production required a choir of angels, stacked together like a big cake. Trouble was, the producers could not get together a plausible cast of angels that could match Leander’s extraordinary height. So they turned to casting agency Stormtroopers, dressed up a group of elite SS soldiers in ways that the producers of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert would reject as being too camp, and stacked them up like a singing cake before they were let loose again in their day job of killing for the hell of it, using guns and, unlike their colleagues in occupied Poland, not poison gas. Sean Spicer, the SS of the media room, would approve. Read more about it HERE.

This mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R. Alas, the folder that contained the home-made covers was on an external (as opposed to eternal) harddrive that has suddenly died; so the devil was in the works…  PW in comments.

Happy Easter, and, if that is not your thing, Happy Chocolate Day.

1. Rance Allen Group – There”s Gonna Be A Showdown (1972)
2. The Relatives – Leave Something Worthwhile (1970s)
3. Honey Cone – Sunday Morning People (1971)
4. Soul Children – All Day Preachin” (1972)
5. Elvis Presley – Run On (1967)
6. Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers – Wonderful (1959)
7. Brother Joe May – When The Lord Gets Ready (1959)
8. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – This Train (1943)
9. Marie Knight – What Could I Do (1947)
10. Spirit Of Memphis – Atomic Telephone (1952)
11. Lula Reed – Just Whisper (1954)
12. Deep River Boys – I”m Tramping (1946)
13. Carter Family – Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Bye And Bye) (1935)
14. Natalie Merchant with Karen Paris – When They Ring The Golden Bells (1998)
15. Wilco – Airline To Heaven (2005)
16. Tom Waits – Come Up To The House (1999)
17. Pops Staples – Hope In A Hopeless World (1994)
18. Steve Earle – God Is God (2011)
19. Mindy Smith – Come To Jesus (2004)
20. Alison Krauss – A Living Prayer (2004)
21. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Bless His Ever Loving Heart (2005)
22. The Chambers Brothers – Travel On My Way (1970)
23. The Glass House – Touch Me Jesus (1971)
24. Loleatta Holloway – H.E.L.P. M.E. M.Y. L.O.R.D. (1975)


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  1. halfhearteddude
    April 13th, 2017 at 07:51 | #1

    PW = amdwhah

  2. Roger
    April 13th, 2017 at 08:45 | #2

    Hi Dude, just grabbed theset of these “religious” numbers — what agood and diverse selection
    couple of omissions maybe (Angle from Montgomery in “angels” mix and a version of John the Revelator somewhere??– Mind you maybe a whole mix of different versions of “J the R” would be good — cheers mate keep up the great work

  3. Dave B
    April 13th, 2017 at 16:04 | #3

    I love the gospel and I like the “Saved” mixes but there has been much recycling lately. Feeling nostalgic for past mixes?

  4. halfhearteddude
    April 13th, 2017 at 23:31 | #4

    It’s the 10th anniversary of Any Major Dude etc. Hence the periodic recycling.

  5. rntcj
    April 14th, 2017 at 20:58 | #5


    As was reading had Crests’ song “Trouble In Paradise” (’60) playing with opening lines “Calling all angels…” Cool or weird, eh?! Not sure if ever D/L a “Saved!” comp. yet, but will give it a try.
    Curious, ever done a CANADIAN comp? Would LUV one! If there is one, or more than one, please direct to where. Oh, & Happy Easter!


    Ciao! For now.

  6. halfhearteddude
    April 14th, 2017 at 23:58 | #6

    Hmmm, Canadian mix… That sounds appealing.

  7. Wolfgang
    April 17th, 2017 at 18:15 | #7

    Thanks a lot for this great sampler. I enjoyed every SAVED sampler until now and I was hoping you do another one this year. And this one is great as well and very well put together. It’s so cool to make a christian sampler and to include old country gospel from the Carter Family as well as great soul numbers from the 70s like the first four songs as well as Tom Waits, Nick Cave ,Steve Earl and Wilco and Pops Staples. Such a great compilation.

    I also enjoyed your protest soul samplers very much and growing up in germany more or less in the same years as you did for me the ‘Life in viny’ compilations including the artwork are also mean a lot. Thanks for your great work. Wolfgang

  8. halfhearteddude
    April 18th, 2017 at 21:08 | #8

    Danke schön, Wolfgang.

  9. JohnnyDiego
    April 19th, 2017 at 13:46 | #9

    Dude, you could have startled us all with Vanilla Fudge’s version of “People Get Ready”. That would have blown my mind.

  10. Ed C
    December 28th, 2020 at 19:56 | #10

    Hi, any chance of re-upping this please? Just downloaded all the “Saved!” stuff, but it looks like this and the “Church” one are down. Thanks very much for all the wonderful stuff on the blog and all the work you obviously put into it. Greatly appreciated!

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