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Covered With Soul Vol. 14 – Beatles Edition 1

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On 5 October 1962 — fifty years ago next week — The Beatles released their first single, Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You. The single entered the UK charts on 11 October and stayed there for 18 weeks, peaking at #17. Follow-up Please Please Me did better, reaching #2; that was followed by 11 straight #1s —“ bizarrely the group’s greatest single, Strawberry Fields b/w Penny Land, broke the streak (six chart-toppers would still follow). And apparently that was only because the BBC counted the record as two individual singles.

So, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ beginning their recording career, here’s the first of two Covered With Soul mixes of Beatles songs. One of the tracks here, ‘Til There Was You, was a song The Beatles themselves covered, but it I presume that The Smith Connection used the Beatles version, and not the original from the 1957 musical The Music Man, as their inspiration.

These being soul versions, they tend to be quite different from their originals. I believe it is a sign of a great song if it can be interpreted well in many different ways. Every song here is beautifully re-interpreted, in some cases almost re-invented (check out Charles Wright’s take on Here Comes The Sun for that). Even Marvin Gaye’s take on Yesterday uses the composition’s flexibility to great effect. A great example of that flexibility is in We Can Work Out, which had been covered brilliantly by Stevie Wonder; his version is in every way the original’s equal. Valerie Simpson takes a rather different approach to the song, and produces a soul version that is very different from Stevie’s — and quite brilliant in its own right.

And if Paul McCartney would sing Hey Jude (as he does seemingly at every opportunity somebody hands him a mic) like Wilson Pickett does, I’d gladly hear that blasted song over and over again.

As always, the mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R, for which homebaked covers are included. I’m afraid passwords are now necessary; you’ll find it in the comments section.

1. Otis Redding – Day Tripper (Alternate Take) (1966)
2. Dionne Warwick – A Hard Day’s Night (1969)
3. Four Tops – Eleanor Rigby (1969)
4. David Porter – Help (1971)
5. Black Heat – Drive My Car (1975)
6. The Supremes & The Temptation – Got To Get You Into My Life (1968)
7. Marvin Gaye – Yesterday (1969)
8. The Smith Connection – ‘Til There Was You (1972)
9. Valerie Simpson – We Can Work It Out (1971)
10. Jimmy James & The Vagabonds – Good Day Sunshine (1968)
11. Ike & Tina Turner – Come Together (1970)
12. Aretha Franklin – The Long And Winding Road (1972)
13. Grady Tate – And I Love Her (1974)
14. Natalie Cole – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (1978)
15. The Main Ingredient – Get Back (1970)
16. The Moments – Rocky Raccoon (1970)
17. Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude (1968)
18. Ronnie Dyson – Something (1973)
19. Charles Wright – Here Comes The Sun (1972)
20. Gladys Knight & The Pips – Let It Be (1971)
21. Booker T and the MG’s – I Want You (1970)

GET IT! (PW in comments)

Booker T. & The M.G.s


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  1. halfhearteddude
    September 27th, 2012 at 07:29 | #1

    PW: amdwhah

  2. September 27th, 2012 at 16:15 | #2

    It’s not necessary to listen to this to know it will be awesome, but let’s listen to it anyhow. Thank you, sir.

  3. Buzz Buzz Buzz
    September 27th, 2012 at 16:55 | #3

    IIRC correctly it was FAME session man (at the time) Duane Allman’s suggestion for The Wicked Mr. Pickett to record “Hey Jude.” What a combo that turned out to be: Pickett’s soul-voice and Allman’s soaring guitar unleashed that song.

    Thanks for your compilations–simultaneously enlightening and entertaining and instructive. Great work.

  4. Miss Conduct
    September 27th, 2012 at 18:04 | #4

    Made my day. Many thanks!

  5. September 27th, 2012 at 21:06 | #5

    I can’t unzip …..says I need a password. Is this smoe new thing?

  6. halfhearteddude
    September 27th, 2012 at 22:39 | #6

    Stephen, it’s right at the top of the comments section: amdwhah

  7. September 28th, 2012 at 00:09 | #7

    Thanks! I can’t wait to listen to this – esp the Booker T I Want You!

  8. September 28th, 2012 at 13:40 | #8

    This looks like fun! Thanks, Dude!

  9. September 28th, 2012 at 14:07 | #9

    Listening now: holy smokes, some of the stuff is a revelation–Marvin’s “Yesterday,” Valerie Simpson’s “We Can Work It Out”–extraordinary. Thank you sir. Very well done.

  10. September 28th, 2012 at 19:25 | #10

    Great ! Thank You. Didn’t know all of them. Keep Posting !

  11. Stephan
    September 29th, 2012 at 15:04 | #11

    Thank you so much for this compilation and all the love and care you put into your writing and your mixes.
    Autumn in Hamburg is not as much fun as this CD.


  12. Jean-François Trépanier
    September 30th, 2012 at 15:47 | #12

    I really appreciate your blog… so much findings for me… continue your good work! This compilation is an awesome job. I also appreciated your 21 volumes of History of Country Music. Thank You for all the discovery I’ve made from your posts. Excuse my poor english writing, I’m from Québec City (Canada) where we live and work in french 98% of the time.

  13. October 2nd, 2012 at 17:01 | #13

    My first sampling of one of your compilations and jolly good it is too.
    Mojo magazine (UK) did a few similar CD’s a few years ago, but there’s a few here I’ve not heard before. Thanks.

  14. richsoul
    December 9th, 2012 at 17:07 | #14

    Great stuff, non like it on the inter. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  15. Alexander
    January 10th, 2023 at 08:33 | #15

    Sorry, for some reason I cannot download this album. Could you fix it, please? Thank you very much!

  16. amdwhah
    January 13th, 2023 at 17:11 | #16

    It’s probably because Zippyshare is blocked in your country. VPN is a way around that, but I’ve upped this to another server.


  17. Alexander
    January 14th, 2023 at 08:24 | #17

    Thank you very much! I truly appreciate it!

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