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Intros Quiz – 2003 edition

September 1st, 2008 2 comments

September has arrived: that means spring in the southern hemisphere (not that the weather where I am cares to consult the calendar) and a new intros quiz, this month bringing our 5-year cycle to 2003 (meaning that for the remaining three months I’ll have to think up some new themes). As ususal, 20 song intros of 5-7 seconds in length from single releases in 2003. As far as I can ascertain, all but one were all sizable hits that year in the US or UK or both. And the one that wasn’t (number 15) is very well known if one reads about music in the blogosphere or frequents sites like

Feel free to e-mail me if you need to know the answer to that pesky number 10 before I post the answers in the Comments on Wednesday.

Intos Quiz – 2003 Edition.mp3

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