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Review: Tim McGraw – Let It Go

On Let It Go, Tim McGraw (who is, I must confess, an occasional guilty pleasure, albeit in small doses) does his usually mix of cowboy-hatted shtick and thoughtful, often surprising material.

Opener “Last Dollars” is discouragingly aimed at the line-dancing beer-swilling Good Ole” Boys, and Let It Go ends with a song that cringingly refers to “cowboys” and “shotgun riders” (presumably even a country singer aspiring towards seriousness has to keep the redneck audience happy).

So it is a relief that in between things get progressively better with a clever mix of songs that will satisfy McGraw“s various constituencies.

One of the surprises is “Suspicions”, a very good cover of “˜70s adult-rock semi-mediocrity Eddie Rabbit (whom one may file under the label Guilty Pleasures as well). “Kristofferson“ is an obvious and suitable nod to the country legend of that surname (second perhaps only to Johnny Cash in the genre), while “I Need You” is the obligatory duet with wife Faith Hill, this time dispensing with the customary treacle.

The title track, with its “oh-woo-woh-oh-woo-woh” chorus is hardline formulaic, but a catchy bastard nonetheless. The stand-out track is “Nothing To Die For”, this year’s “Live Like You Were Dying” moment, which kicks off like a rock song and settles in with a kick-ass singalong chorus.

Within its genre of mainstream radio-friendly country music, this is a mostly pleasing album.
Tim McGraw – Nothing To Die For.mp3
Tim McGrawKristofferson.mp3

And here’s the real deal:
Kris Kristofferson – Loving Her Was Easy.mp3
Kris Kristofferson – Josie.mp3

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