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More Pandora discoveries

More artists I discovered through pandora.com. Being on a deadline, I”ll have to add to this post in drips and drabs. Check this blog periodically to get more MP3 downloads. There should be six download links by the end of the afternoon.

Kevin Devine – Haircut.mp3
One of my favourite Pandora discoveries. Devine is hard to classify: Indie, alt.country, singer-songwriter. He is just fantastic. This is the superior acoustic version of the album version, which appeared on the rare Travelling Through The EU… EP

The Gabe Dixon Band – All Will Be Well.mp3
This is a bit like Billy Joel, before he turned to shit. I must confess that I really, really like only two Gabe Dixon songs, but those two are fantastic. This one has a great chorus and a nice piano hook.

The Weepies- Gotta Have You.mp3
An early Pandora discovery, and the best of the lot. I love the Weepies, despite their silly name. This is one of the cutest songs I”ve ever heard.

Kacy Crowley – Kind Of Perfect.mp3
A lovely song. Crowley”s music is exceedingly difficult to find, which I find mystifying.

Joshua Radin – These Photographs
From my pick for Album of 2006. Radin“s music is gentle, melodic and intimate, recalling the great Nick Drake. You have to admire a love song that namechecks Sylvia Plath, Mary Cassat, Simone de Beauvoir, and Nina Simone (“You”re Nina Simone, when you talk on the phone. You sing to me, and I”m truly no longer alone”. Lovely),

Brandi Carlile – Throw It All Away.mp3
Beautiful, catchy and touching song from Brandi Carlile“s self-titled 2005 debut. Her name suggests an airhead pop princess, but she is actually a hugely talented singer-songwriter with a hell of a voice.

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