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2007: getting better

This year is beginning to look good. A few fine new albums that have been released or are still awaiting release will make the wait for the ageless classic bearable (apologies for the links mix-up earlier; the Cary Brothers link is now correct).

Spoon – The Underdog
From Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, which despite its awful title is a glorious album, with all the experimentations coming together just right. “The Underdog” is fantastic; it has horns, acoustic guitars, handclaps, a furious finale, and Britt Daniel sounds as much as Phil Lynott as he ever will. An album to be excited about.

Brandi Carlile – The Story
When I first came across Carlile, I thought her name marked her out as a cheerleader-type pop princess. Goodness, how wrong I was. This woman can sing her folk-rock/alt.country stuff. Hear her roar on “The Story”, the title track from her quite wonderful sophomore album.

Josh Rouse – God, Please Let Me Go Back
From Country Mouse, City House. I like this song’s George Harrison-style guitar and hummable chorus. The new album is a tough one. It’s not as instantly lovable as 1972, not as brilliant as Nashville, not as intimate as last year’s Subtitulo. One knows after one spin that there is much quality here, but it will need repeated listens before this set will click. With Josh Rouse, the patience always pays off.

Kate Walsh – Talk Of The Town
There are so many wonderful women with guitars making wonderful, moving music. Rosie Thomas, Mindy Smith et al. File Kate Walsh in that category. Her debut, Tim’s House, is warm, hushed, consistently beautiful, and incredibly intimate.

Iron And Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Sub Pop, Iron And Wine’s label, has asked for the link to be removed. Happy to oblige. There are free I&W downloads on Sub Pop’s homepage, including the very wonderful “Naked As We Came”.

Cary Brothers – Jealousy
Like Iron & Wine, Cary Brothers is a Garden State soundtrack alumnus. Their first full album is, er, very nice. Soundtrack-friendly stuff for Zach Braff movies and Grey’s Anatomy, which in my world is a recommendation. This track is more Snow Patrol than the Shins.

Powderfinger – Wishing On The Same Moon
I’ve always liked Powderfinger (a name I seem to never be able to type correctly), but never was a huge fan. Dream Days At The Hotel Existence might change that. Every song is strong, drawing heavily from ’70s rock, as does my album of the year so far, Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky (yeah, right, like fucking punk never happened).

Crowded House – Don’t Stop Now
I’ve mentioned the new album (due our on July 10) before. It’s more a Finn solo effort than a typical CH album. This track is one of those that exhibit the old Crowded House sound.

  1. Anonymous
    July 4th, 2007 at 00:09 | #1

    Please remove the Iron & Wine mp3.Thanks,StuartSub Pop

  2. the_peanut
    July 11th, 2007 at 16:51 | #2

    Thanks for all the music! I’ve put your link on our blogroll.

  3. Any major dude with half a heart
    July 11th, 2007 at 21:26 | #3

    Dank, Aardnoot. Link reciprocated. I’ve often visited your site, but have trouble with Rapidshare, so never benefited from your fine music (at least the stuff I didn’t already have).Why do people use Rapidshare when zShare is so brilliant?

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