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Angel Dust

June 15th, 2007 2 comments

Prompted by a blog I read today, here are a few random songs with the word Angel in the title. I promised the blogger the April Sixth song after he referred to the lyrics of the Hinder song. One thing leading to another, I’ll add fellow alternative rock types Our Lady Peace and Cold to the mix. But then also some Ron Sexsmith and Mindy Smith, to appease the MP3 blog purists that I have not lost my excellent musical judgment. And, yes, I’m quite aware that there are hundreds of other songs I could have used (at least three Dylan songs, Aretha, Minnie Riperton, three Counting Crows songs…or, indeed, Robbie bloody Williams).

I think I’m in love with Mindy Smith. That clear, utterly lovely voice does it for me. This is a really beautiful track from a really beautiful album, 2004’s One Moment More.
Mindy Smith – Angel Dove.mp3

Ron Sexsmith produced one of the albums of 2006: Time Being, a rich, warm set of songs. After more than a decade of making albums, Sexsmith will never break out big, forever remaining the can’t-go-wrong recommendation to the uninitiated. Well, we do hate it when our favourites get discovered, so that’s just as well then.
Ron SexsmithSnow Angel.mp3

I did reveal that Sarah McLachlan is a guilty pleasure of mine. “Angel” isn’t my favourite song by any means (that would be “Ice Cream”). This live version is pretty good though.
Sarah McLachlan – Angel (live).mp3

Suzanne Vega has a new album out. Yeah, I also thought she had disappeared. Yet here she is, thoughtfully contributing an angel song from her pretty good new CD, Beauty And Crime.
Suzanne Vega – Angel’s Doorway.mp3

Crowded House are also about to release a comeback album. And here is Neil Finn with brother Tim as the Finn Bothers on their 1995 album titled…Finn. Lovely Beatles style harmonies on this song.
Finn Brothers – Angel’s Heap.mp3

And here is the alternative quartet (I have an emotional attachment to the April Sixth song). Of each group, there is only one song I really like — all with the word angel in the title. Coincidence, or a celestial conspiracy?

April Sixth – Dear Angel.mp3
Cold – When Angels Fly Away.mp3
Our Lady Peace – Angels Losing Sleep.mp3
Hinder – Lips Of An Angel.mp3