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Will you be my friend?

January 6th, 2009 8 comments


And so Any Major Dude With Half A Heart has taken the plunge into Facebook world. Why? Well, I have no friends in real life….. As the Beauty Shop sang in their fantastic 2006 non-hit A Desperate Cry For Help: “And all the friends I used to have went and formed a hate club.”

So, if you’re feeling sufficiently sorry for me, look up Amd Whah (not my real name) on Facebook and become my friend.

Actually, the idea is to provide a manual RSS link: status updates will flag new postings and assorted bon mots about things I’m not blogging about. It might be a way to communicate between blogger and reader “” blogging is all a bit one-way. And it would be nice to call readers of my disjointed ramblings my friends.

Just don’t poke me.

Two songs to bribe entice you: the above mentioned A Desperate Cry For Help, which might be my most-played song over the past two years (everybody should love this song), and the rousing 1983 hit song by my near namesakes, the Mighty Wah!

The Beauty Shop – A Desperate Cry For Help.mp3
Wah! – The Story Of The Blues.mp3

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